What is Litestep?

"LiteStep is a shell replacement for Windows [...]. In simplest terms, it replaces the default Windows interface (Start Button, Task Bar, icons on desktop) with an interface borrowed from Afterstep for the X-Windows System, which was in turn was borrowed from NextStep (the nerdvana interface).
In practical terms, it clears off your desktop, gives you substantially more control over your interface layout, is exceedingly cool to look at, and is [...] smaller than the normal [Windows] shell. It's also an excellent way to somewhat minimize the [Windows] look & feel..."

It is actually the best enhancement to MS Windows I've experienced so far. It features full customizability, virtual desktops, a wharf and many modules and utilities. I've used it for over 8 years now and couldn't imagine using a computer without it.



What is LiteStep?
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