Litestep screenshots

I've created two themes for LiteStep so far: one is an obvious Aliens rip-off theme where I only created the wharf and its icons.

Aliens screenshot

I discontinued this project, however and started working on a totally different theme, where the layout was more cryptic and the wharf was not as obvious as in most other themes. Stealing the incredible artwork of Dave McKean and H. R. Giger and blending it together using all my Photoshop skills, the McKean/Giger theme came about:



I have finally updated the theme to version two! It now includes a new popup background, an lsweather skin and a shortcut bar that appears if the wharf is hidden. All the crucial parts are in a 2MB theme download! I've also uploaded this theme to

Meanwhile I've been playing around with Enlightenment on Linux running other OSs in a VirtualMachineTM. In a fit of mental degradation I thought it might be fun to have the LiteStep port of the Enlightenment BlueSteel theme running on Windows NT4 running in a virtual box on Linux running Enlightenment 0.16.1 with the original BlueSteel theme. <vbg> I've also sent the screenshot to (in both categories: LS and Linux<g>):

BlueSteel on BlueSteel



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